First day. And... how to get into a rodeo backstage.

Well, I'm in the process of getting this website up and running, and I figured there should be at least one post here to start with besides the example blog. 

There's a rodeo coming to town next week and I was thinking about getting out and documenting it. Not just photos of the riders in action, there's tons of those readily available, but of the riders before they head out of the gate, nervous and anxious and excited. After the run, catch those expressions of success, from them and from the families there to support and cheer them on. Unfortunately, you have to be associated with a media outlet to get a photo pass to have the kind of access I'm looking for. So how does one get this access? It's all in who you know. Who do I know? Not many people. There are other ways around this. It's just being clever. How clever can I be in a week? We'll see.